Buying or selling a home involves many steps and it’s common to face some challenges as well.  Here are some steps that can go wrong when you are working with real estate agent.

Buyers sometimes make a decision in haste or things they bought without giving them a proper thought. Buyers sometimes bid just for the sake of winning, they agree to buy a property that no longer is worth what they agree to pay. So when they get into the contract they usually back off during the diligence period and terminate the deal.

When a buyer gets into the contract with sellers, the first thing they do is to do the inspection. Therefore, it is important for seller to have pre-inspection of the house before the home is listed. In this way they can get to know about any damage that buyers will find when they have the inspection.  There is nothing that makes the buyer skeptical of the home than an inspection that shows any damage.

Another damage that can run the buyers away could be mold damage. Again this can be avoided by pre-inspection.

It is important for sellers to take care of all the repairs before moving out of the home. You obviously don’t want your buyer to complain about repairs and damages just as they move in. Seek help of contractors most of them offer warranties for the work they do.

Buyers and sellers need to discuss what permanent fixture is and what personal property of seller is. Agents working for both parties can help them in sorting this out. If there is any dispute, add it in the contract.

It is important to have your mortgage pre-approved before you get into the contract with buyer or seller. If your mortgage doesn’t get approved ask your agent to guide you in the right way. Remember that your agent won’t get paid if your mortgage doesn’t get approved, that’s why your agent will always aim to link you to the lender they trust that will get you to the closing table.

The bottom line is no one is sure what can happen in real estate transaction. Therefore we should focus on trying the best we can do, writing a contract and performing our duties till the closing date.

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