You have selected the place which you would like to turn into your home. It’s a beautiful place in the suburbs of Brampton, facilitated with all the services which you would like to see in your own home. You know that this is the place that is ideal for you.

At this point you know that this is the place that you want to buy but you are not sure how you can do that. You have put aside some savings which you can invest along with the loan amount to buy the place. But you have no idea how you can apply for a mortgage that will be suitable for you. At this point you’ll need the help of a mortgage professional.

You made your research and called us at Avon Financial. We arranged your meeting with one of your mortgage professionals, so now what will happen next?

At the initial meeting, your mortgage professional will examine your current financial situation, he’ll inquire more from you, and also they’ll explain the whole process to you and will answer your questions as well. They’ll also take a look at your documents so it is better to organize them before the meeting.

The documents that you need to get organize are mentioned below in the article. It’ll become easier for you to discuss everything with your mortgage professional if you’ll keep these documents with you during the meeting. Also this’ll enable you to understand your financial situation in a better way.

Once you’ll gather all the documents, make a list of questions that you’d like to discuss with mortgage professional. In this way you can get the maximum out of the meeting with your mortgage professional.

Information needed by mortgage professional

  • Bank Statements
  • Payslips
  • Business Accounts
  • Most Recent Utility Bills Slips

As your adviser it is our responsibility to make sure that your paperwork is complete. Be organized will help you easily manage your mortgage process. The better you manage your mortgage the easier it’ll be for you to buy your own home.

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