Real estate brokers provide their services to two types of people i.e. buyers and sellers. These services are in the form of resources that are provided to the buyers and sellers as well as advises about pricing negotiations. Some real estate brokers also provided rental management services to property owners who want to rent a suite, home or commercial property to tenants. Brokers are either specialized in commercial or residential property services.

Buyers who want to purchase commercial or residential property as a source to enhance their income by renting out the property, a real estate broker may offer a complete package of landlord services. These services include the finding and screening tenants as well as collecting rents. The clients pay for these monthly services along with other property repairs and expenses.

Real estate brokers have access to the information that is not available to local people. It is the duty of real estate broker to show buyers and sellers comparisons of different properties within the same area.  These comparisons help the buyers to find the best suitable property within their budget and requirements. Brokers representing the seller often include marketing services such as planning and administering an open house to get groups of buyers to a home to view it. These open houses usually take place on weekends during morning or early afternoon.

A broker’s open is also a similar event, but is arranged by a real estate broker representing a seller to have other brokers attend. This is usually arranged to promote the business and to get more clients. Other services that are provided by brokers include home staging which will help the sellers to prepare a home to be more suitable to buyers’ requirements. Clients can hire the services of a real estate broker instead of hiring a professional home stager to perform the duties, though real estate brokers will charge separately for these services.

The basic duty of a real estate broker is to provide information and guide the client and they should provide all basic information to the client in this regard.  In the case of real estate broker services including the representation of both the seller and buyer, objectivity is especially important to avoid a conflict of interest.

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