It is the beginning of a new season and a fresh start of summer real estate whirl.  It is that time of the year when people came across several real estate classified ads. Whether you prefer using the internet or local newspaper, beware of the spam real estate news. In this article, we’ll discuss some important terms that are often used by real estate agents, buyer and sellers to make their properties more appealing than they actually are. If you are buying or selling a property for the first time then you should educate yourself about the important terms that are commonly used by real estate agents, home buyers and sellers.

Antique, Old fashioned, Original

Any property listings with these words in it should be categorized as partly historical and partly new. These types of buildings usually contain high ceilings, beautiful tile work and crown modeling. However, the drawbacks are it may contain sewer backups, drafty windows and conventional electrical wirings and fuses.


This type of word is used to cover the overall inconveniency of the place. These types of properties might contain small and congested kitchens, suffocated back yards with no extra space to move around.

Cottage or Starter Home

These are entry-level property for prospective homeowners.

Great View, Desirable Location

If you have 50% of the equity of your home in your account you should stop visiting properties that contain such phrases.

Close to, Convenient

This phrase is used when you can see a specific location from your front porch. Clearly, this is not a bad option if this location is a sea or a garden but if this location is a bus stop or train station then you may need to think twice.

Efficiency Kitchen

This will be the kind of kitchen that will be provided with all latest facilities. You can perform multiple tasks at the same time without even moving your feet. n

Bohemian or Funky

No extra charge for the mural in the living room, but please overlook the fact that the building is not up to code.

Condo Conversion

An apartment that has lost one closet to an upright washer/dryer combo.


Such properties may or may not stink.


These places won’t ever need paint–the bark protects the logs just fine from bugs and decay.

State of Art, Brand New

These properties maybe constructed according to latest trends but sometimes things don’t work as expected with new construction; sometimes something a little older has the benefit of being battle-tested and having survived an earthquake or two.


These properties will have enough space if you have a huge family or if you are planning to extend your family in near future.



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