In Canada buying a home is directly associated with getting mortgage. Mortgage plays an important role in fulfilling the complex and evolving needs of home buyers. Avon Financials aims to offer you competitive mortgage solutions in current market. We know that you have certain needs regarding tax, credit and liquidity and therefore the mortgage program you choose may impact those needs in the long run.

Our aim is to provide:

Competitive Solutions

We are providing fixed rate mortgage and variable rate mortgage programs for homes as per your requirement.

Our diverse financial program offers you to borrow handsome amount of money over your home’s equity and adjustable down payment amount.

Commercial mortgage program locks in single closing rate at the beginning of construction rather than after the construction.

You have the option to refinance your loan and modify the plan as per your financial situation.

You have the option to combine two mortgage plans into one which will reduce the overall interest rate and manage your cash flow.

Flexible Programs

We are offering interest-only loan programs as well as amortizing payment options.

Tax and insurance escrows waived at no fee.

Cash-out options for refinances available.

Our mortgage broker will guide you throughout the process and arrange the best suitable mortgage plan as per your requirement and financial affordability.

To get complete information about the mortgage plan of your choice set up a meeting with our specialist today and contact us at:

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