It has become a difficult task for self employed workers and freelancers’ to get mortgage but it is not impossible. One of the important tasks for self employed workers is the need to prove their stable monthly income to any mortgage company. Most of the companies will examine your last two years’ accounts and tax payments. When lenders decide that how much money they can lend you their decision is usually is based on you average profit of last two years. Lenders usually prefer borrowers whose accounts are prepared by a certified accountant. Make sure your accounts are up-to-date before you apply for mortgagee.

If you don’t have two years of accounts some mortgage companies will still consider your application if you can ensure them regular monthly income and work stability. A squeaky clean credit record will also boost your chances of getting a mortgage. So make sure that credit report is in the best possible shape too, sort out any unpaid or late debts and check the report yourself to make sure there aren’t any mistakes that could damage your chances of getting a mortgage.

The assistance of a mortgage broker is quite helpful when you are self-employed. They’ll know which lenders are willing to lend to self-employed, which take retained profits into account, if any lenders will accept less than two years of accounts and, most importantly, who will offer you the best rate.

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