Getting mortgage is one the most important financial decision that you are going to take and so it should be taken seriously. There is a lot of help available in the form of mortgage broker that you can access to go through your options.  They have knowledge about things that you don’t even know such as lender’s credit and availability criteria. So a good broker should help match you to the right deal.

But it should be kept in mind that mortgage brokers are advisors not teachers. Ultimately it’s you who will take the final decision and you will notice how your decision will impact the situation.

Although getting mortgage is a critical process. But another important point is that you’ll be chosen for a loan by the mortgage company at a rate that is affordable for you.

The days of deposit-less mortgages are long gone. Often, you’re going to need to get a substantial sum of cash together to get a property at a decent interest rate.

There’s no easy shortcut to getting the cash – it may be saving up (see  for tips to help), money from parents or grandparents, selling your car, cutting back on everything or getting an inheritance. But the fact remains – no deposit = no mortgage.

To get a mortgage you usually need a minimum deposit of 5%. Yet to get a good rate, currently you’ll often need over 20% of the home’s value as a deposit and more than 40% for the kick-butt market-leading deals. The golden rule is quite simple. If you’re considering to get the mortgage, it is going to be a whole different type of process, and you will need a specialist mortgage which are harder to find. Read more at

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