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Commercial Mortgage

Commercial mortgages are used to buy land and property for business purposes. Furthermore, they are also used to extend existing businesses and for commercial property development. Commercial mortgages may also be used to secure a business directly associated with a property such as a guest house or a restaurant. In other words, commercial mortgages are used to finance any business plan or development project. Commercial mortgages become a source of buying a business in the current market thereby increasing the likely of the property increasing in value and becoming a significant asset. Owning a business will also eliminate the problem of increasing rental charges or leasehold problems. You can also avail the opportunity to sublet part or parts of the business property thereby earning extra income. There is an added advantage in the repayment of commercial mortgage i.e. the payment of its interest will be tax-deductible. Commercial mortgage become beneficial to your business in many ways. It lessens the amount of your monthly mortgage payments and consolidates any debts that you or your business has. It provides working capital for your new and existing business projects and let you buy new equipment. You can expand your business according to trading conditions and development plans.

Anyone requiring finance for their business can apply for commercial mortgage. Lenders usually favor businesses with strong credit history and businesses that are proven to stable and profitable. Commercial mortgage lenders typically require a deposit of 20 % and will underwrite mortgages on an individual basis.

When it comes to arranging commercial mortgages, loans and insurance Avon Financial specialist team have the experience and expertise to help your businesses. We have access to a wide range of commercial mortgage offering competitive rates and a variety of products from leading banks and lenders.

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