The Canadian government has recently released its housing strategy plan which is a 66 pages long report. This article includes some of main highlights of that report.

It is obvious that people in Canada wants better housing outcomes equally for everyone. They want housing facility not only for themselves but for people who are going through severe crisis, low-income individuals, homeless and needy persons.

Indigenous peoples stated that a separate, but parallel strategy is needed to address the unique housing challenges facing Métis, Inuit and First Nations peoples living on and off reserve, in cities and remote areas, and in the North and bring housing need levels on par with non-Indigenous peoples.

One of the main challenges of this housing strategy is to remove homelessness from Canada and to make it unique as well as non-recurring. The aim is to address the needs of homeless people who fall out of the range of housing spectrum.

People in Canada prefer a housing strategy that they can afford and that can meet their requirements as well. And today the main concern for low income Canadians is the availability of adequate homes available within their range.

Canadians expect this housing strategy to better manage the housing initiatives that are already in progress in different parts of the country and to tackle the housing needs across the entire continuum.

The purpose of a strong housing strategy is to enable people to have access to basic facilities such as jobs, schools and support in order to participate in community activities and to get them out of poverty. In addition to this, people want a housing facility with safe neighborhood, day-care facility, community service, public transportation and recreation etc.

The housing strategy should have clear and measureable outcome so that they can be reported back to people to let them know about the progress that has been achieved through the implementation of this strategy.

Canadians and housing experts suggested that better information is required to develop a strategy that can address the needs and requirements of the people and in order to develop cost-effective and more informed policies.

It is also suggested that the housing strategy should be follow an integrated approach and follow the orders of government and stakeholders. Clear solutions and better collaboration is required to achieve the national vision of housing.


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