Real estate agents have been helping people in buying and selling homes for hundreds of years but in today’s age of technology, companies are aiming to reach large number of audience through several latest and innovative ideas.

Whether it’s your start in real estate business or you are a pro, there is always something which you can do to improve your marketing strategy. After all, your success as a real estate agent is dictated by your ability to market effectively.

  1. Develop your Own Website

This may seem obvious, but if you have just stepped in to the real estate business it is important for you to know the importance of having your own website. In today’s world of technology, having your website is like having your business card. If you do not own a website for your business it will not only present you as non-professional but it’ll also prohibit you from collecting important marketing data from those who might be interested in working with you. You can develop your website easily by utilizing the services of a professional website designer based on your overall budget and requirements.

  1. Develop you Newsletter

By collecting the email ids of your new and existing customers you can easily develop a real estate marketing email newsletter. You can seek the help of professional email marketing professionals that can help you formulate a professionally designed newsletter, let you know who opened the email and what they clicked on or if they unsubscribed. Make sure to send useful information that is not only self promoting. People receive a lot of junk mail in a day and you don’t want to be that type of email marketing sender.

  1. Include Whitepaper

Show off your knowledge to your audience by including downloadable whitepaper or ebooks in your website. This whitepaper is kind of an informational guide about your business. You can convert it into PDF and include it in your website for free as promotional information. Keep it simple and include the most relevant information regarding your business and services.

  1. Improve your Search Engine Rankings

If you are interested in improving the rankings of your website on search engine you should follow the criteria they are demanding. For example Google generally ranks local businesses based on three factors i.e. location, relevance and prominence.  If your website is In accordance with these three aspects Google will instantly help people to find you.

  1. Search Engine Advertising

These are actually the sponsored results which appear on the search engine when you made any search. This is an excellent opportunity for real estate marketers to advertise their product because it can drive traffic direct to your website by people who are actively interested in real estate.

  1. Host Seminars

You can host seminars about selling a home, understanding real estate, buying a home etc. This can be done easily through marketing automation. Invite people to your desired location, you can use a meeting room at a local chamber, use space from a community center, or rent a location for this purpose.

  1. Formulate Surveys

Another way to improve your marketing quality is by doing a public survey. These surveys can let you know which fields specifically require improvement in your marketing strategy; also this will let your clients know that you value their feedback. You can do this by sending an email and include a link to your survey.

  1. Utilize Social Media

It’s time to use social media for promoting your business, be creative and utilize social media platforms to boost your business.  Using marketing automation, updating your page with fresh and interesting content has never been easier.

  1. Press Release

You can write about all the activities that you are doing regarding your business. Either about getting a new contract or hiring someone new you can write about it and publish it online.  Be sure to reach out to your local community newspaper and use online services to get a link back to your website.

  1. Publish a Blog

Developing an online real estate blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website. A general blog about real estate would be lost in the shuffle but a blog presenting specific genera could be a great opportunity to find new clients.  It will add to your credibility as an industry expert.

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